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Our benefits


Our many years of experience, unique working method and modern installations enable us to supply premium quality fish!


We strive to offer the widest stock possible on a weekly basis. Our extensive range includes species that we breed and raise ourselves, in addition to procurements from our regular, carefully selected suppliers.


With an area of 25ha, incorporating more than 100 natural ponds, storage basins and sales tanks, we’re capable of stocking vast quantities of fish. Some even remain here for many years prior to their sale.


We cultivate orfe and, in particular, koi, in our very own ponds in Lommel. We consider this a major advantage that helps us to remain independent of foreign imports. For an extensive, top-quality range at competitive prices!

Rapid delivery

Orders that are received before Wednesday afternoon are delivered that same week. We provide set weekly delivery days in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany, using our own specially equipped transport vehicles or via express transportation.


As a valued customer, you’re welcome to visit our farm during opening hours, where you can compile your desired order from our huge selection of fish. Your order will be packed immediately, enabling you to take it with you that same day. Alternatively, you can have us ship it on the next available delivery day.

Unbeatable prices

Our sound corporate vision, extensive experience and modern infrastructure enable us to offer premium quality fish at extremely competitive prices.

Our range


We strive to offer an extremely comprehensive range of goldfish. Indeed, every variant, colour and size is available throughout the entire season.
This is made possible thanks to our long-standing collaboration with an Italian goldfish breeder, who works exclusively for Corten Fish Farm. The breeding process is tailored to customer requirements and actively improved year-on-year. We personally handle the transportation from Italy to Belgium, as well as the subsequent storage and selection according to colour, quality and size. That way we can guarantee our customers the finest goldfish on the market!


The focus of our koi range is firmly on koi from our own farm.
Our traditional breeding process enables us to offer hardy koi that are well-adapted to our climate. Continuous observation, inspection and external lab research guarantee that our koi are in excellent health. Our extensive koi assortment comprises the most common and popular varieties. Ogon, Ghost, Gosanke and Doitsu are the mainstay of our range.
In addition to our home-grown koi, we also offer a selection of imported koi from Israel.

Orfe (Ide)

Golden orfe and blue orfe are extremely popular among pond owners in Western Europe. In addition to our home-grown koi, we also breed our own orfe at our fish farm in Lommel.
Here, too, we strive to make a wide range of sizes available throughout the season.


All of the sturgeon that we offer have been farmed in Europe. The breeding females, and thus the eggs, reside in the controlled infrastructure of a farm.
Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with a German sturgeon farm, we receive a fresh supply of 1 and 2-year-old sturgeon of different varieties on an annual basis.
The most common and popular species are the Russian sturgeon (gueldenstaedtii), Siberian sturgeon (baerii), sterlet (ruthenus) and albino sterlet (ruthenus).
Once at our farm, we continue raising these fish ourselves.
A sturgeon measuring 50 cm to 1 metre typically remains at our farm for many years.

Other species

We endeavour to stock as extensive a range as possible. In addition to goldfish, koi, orfe and sturgeon, we also stock species of veiltails, such as the fantail, oranda and other varieties, in a wealth of different colours. We also offer native or wild fish species such as the tench, common rudd, common minnow, mirror, grass and silver carp and their coloured variants, including the golden tench, golden minnow, golden rudd and albino grass carp. Our extensive assortment also boasts a selection of freshwater mussels and various species of freshwater snails.

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